AP Publisher Spotlight: TopCashback

AP Publisher Spotlight: TopCashback


Here at AP our Publisher Development Team work hard to develop and create valuable partnerships with brands, that help to add diversity to their programme, spread risk, increase brand awareness and ultimately ROI. In our second edition of our new Publisher Spotlight series, Senior Publisher Development Manager, Viviana Viale chatted to Lisa Gardiner, Senior Partnerships Strategy Manager at TopCashback UK. Find out more about her role, their offering to brands and how they are the UK’s biggest cashback site.

1: What does your role involve at TopCashback? Describe your typical day at work.

My typical day at TopCashback involves a lot of communication with our partner clients, agencies and networks to discuss their goals and how we can help to achieve them. We have lots of different types of opportunities that can be used to help achieve different objectives, so no meeting is ever the same! I also work on new features and strategies with other departments across the business to help get these pushed out to further benefit our members. The secret to getting this all done… is plenty of cups of tea!

2: Can you tell me a bit about TopCashback and your unique selling points for brands? What are you doing differently to other cashback sites? 

TopCashback are the biggest and most generous cashback site in the UK and our millions of members are at the heart of what we do. This is seen via our really high Trust Pilot score and confirms our drive to secure market leading offers and to provide the best user experience to members. This is important for brands as ultimately our members are their future customers, so it’s good to know they are being looked after well. We also pride ourselves on having unique ideas to help brands make the most out of key trends, whether these be the usual seasonal peaks or something a little more out-the-box and bespoke.

3: What are TopCashback’s key goals for this year?

Our main goals this year are really the same as ever, to save our millions of members the most money possible! The way that this changes year on year is by us working to identify new ways for our members to benefit from shopping online with our partners. For example, we now have over 50 payment options ranging from retail gift cards, to travel rewards such as Avios points. Our Partnerships team are continuing to strive to be easy to work with, responsive and fun. We want people to enjoy working with us and to come up with more bespoke, creative ideas for bigger campaigns than ever before!

4: What do you see as the biggest challenge in affiliate marketing?

Outside of bigger industry issues such as ITP 2.0, for me the main challenge at the moment is the lack of bravery within the industry. As a publisher, we receive a huge number of requests for exciting, never-been-done-before campaigns however the proportion of these that actually go-ahead is minimal. With affiliate marketing being an industry in which everything can be measured so clearly, it seems that this sometimes works against us in that we are far too risk-averse. A truly innovative campaign isn’t going to be supported with stats and case-studies as it won’t have been done before, so sometimes it’s just about giving it a go if the idea has potential. I feel this approach is something which other channels have really mastered.

5: Finally, what’s your favourite thing you like to do in your spare time?

I love to travel and try to make the most of every bank holiday by getting an extra-long holiday out of my annual leave. So far, I’ve been to 4 countries this year (Portugal, India, Thailand and Malaysia) and when not travelling I’m almost certainly planning the next trip 😊

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