AP Employee Spotlight: Zarrin Tasnim

AP Employee Spotlight: Zarrin Tasnim

In this month’s edition of our Employee Spotlight series we talked to our EMEA Associate, Zarrin Tasnim. Zarrin shares her path to working at AP and what attracted her to the work culture, her daily routine for success, and her top tip for working with a global brand.


Can you tell us about your role at AP?

I work as an Associate across a variety of accounts, including one of our biggest travel accounts. I am responsible for supporting and ensuring that strategies we have put in place are executed in order to exceed our clients’ goals and expectations.


How did you find yourself in the world of affiliate marketing?

I started out as an intern in 2016 at an affiliate agency/network working in Publisher Management, and supporting clients on their partnerships with brands and influencers. I moved on to partner side in 2018 at an influencer marketing agency working on networks and partnerships which  led to my next role as an Account Consultant at a well-known network managing several global accounts. I first met with an Acceleration Partners EMEA team member (now one of my amazing colleagues) at a networking event in one of my previous roles. I had a meeting scheduled with her to discuss a partnership and I fell in love with AP! In 2019 I joined Acceleration Partners and became a part of the family.


What do you think brands should keep their eye on in affiliate marketing?

I may be a little bit biased as I used to work at an influencer marketing agency and influencer marketing isn’t by any means a new trend in 2019. However, it is growing especially with the use of social media platforms such as Instagram. With that being said, there is an increase in influencers on these social channels varying from ‘micro’ and ‘mega’ s which makes influencer marketing more accessible for brands with different budgets and target audiences.

Another trend to keep an eye on is video content. I read somewhere that 65% of Instagram’s ad impressions were coming from sponsored video content after they introduced IGTV. This is pretty cool as Instagram started off as a platform where you could just share photos!


What attracted you to AP?

Like I previously mentioned, I first heard of AP when I met up with one of the team members at an event. The way she talked about the culture at AP and her experience was enough for me to make take a deeper look at the company (a.k.a if they had any vacancies, haha!)

I really liked the sound of a work-life balance that came from a remote environment, but also the opportunity to grow. This was major factor for me personally as I felt there was no clear room to grow in any of my previous roles. AP’s Core Values and Vivid Vision, which was shared with me before my interview, amazed me as it aligned with everything I was looking for in a company.


What’s your daily routine for success?

I find that waking up early and starting the day off completing one of my favourite yoga routines really puts me in a good mood to tackle the day. I must admit I don’t always manage to do this every day so on the days I don’t, I love making myself a nice breakfast (with lots of avocado) and having some me time before I switch on that laptop!

I then like to scan through my emails that came through in the evening before; as I work on global accounts, many people I work with log on as I log off.

I also find it really helpful to make a list of what my tasks are for the day. Recently I have started TOP three before 12pm with my other team members. This involves sending each other our top three priorities which we aim to complete by 12pm, which holds us accountable to get the tasks done, and provides the team with visibility on what we are working on.


What are your top tips for working with a global brand?

My number one tip I think which goes without saying is being aware of cultural, language and time differences. This is crucial for forming partnerships with not only clients and partners but also with global team members.


How does working remotely accommodate your lifestyle?

After having to go through a horrible two-hour commute into London for the past three years, it’s safe to say my day started off with me being extremely miserable. Remote working has allowed me to work from the comfort of my own home avoiding the Northern Line and starting my day off refreshed and looking forward to tackling my tasks!

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