AP Employee spotlight – Samantha-Lee Phaeton

Acceleration Partners

In this month’s addition of our Employee Spotlight series I talked to Samantha-Lee Phaeton Senior Associate for AP EMEA. She shares her thoughts on the differences between the UK and French affiliate markets, why she loves remote working and what attracted her to a role in the affiliate industry. Find out more below…

Tell us about your role at AP?

I have joined the EMEA Client Service Team as a Senior Associate where I am responsible for exploring new partnership/opportunities for my client, managing the programme and making sure that content is aligned with my clients brand goals. I’m also in touch with affiliates and my partner platform daily.

Your role focuses on the French market, what do you think are the key differences between there and the UK affiliate market?

Compared to the UK, affiliate marketing started later and slowly became one of the key channels to invest in. I believe that there is still a huge opportunity for French market to grow and for it to be more recognized in the digital marketing industry. In order for it to continue to grow, it is important to show how cost-effective it is and how it can be used as leverage for brands looking to drive new revenue.

How did you end up working at AP?

I have always been fascinated by digital marketing in general and when I discovered affiliate marketing, I was curious to see how it could support acquisition strategies. I wanted to learn more about the best practices but also how to activate and optimise a programme. By joining AP, I’m lucky to work with an experienced team, and be part of a fantastic culture.

What do you like most about remote working?

There are so many things I like about remote working, but the main ones are:

  • I am saving time on my commute which used to be three hours a day
  • I can work from any country
  • I can visit my family in France and work there

You’re based in our London hub, what’s your favourite part of the city?

I really like London Bridge especially for its view at night.

Finally, if you could have a super power what would it be and why?

My super power would be teleportation, so I can visit the world 😊


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