AP Employee Spotlight, Samantha Devillard

AP Employee Spotlight, Samantha Devillard


In this month’s addition of our Employee Spotlight series I talked to Samantha, Affiliate Marketing Associate for AP EMEA. She shares her thoughts on the benefits of remote working as a graduate role, the key benefits of remote working and the most common misconceptions around remote working roles. Find out more below…

1: Firstly, can you tell us a bit about your role at AP?

I am an Affiliate Marketing Associate, working for one of our key global clients, across Europe. My day to day job consists of recruiting new partners, managing all communications and reporting on partner performance across the programme.

2: Is this your first remote working role?

Officially yes, but my first job as a graduate was for a small start-up, where I was the only full-time employee, working by myself from a co-working space, so I already had experience of working autonomously with a spread-out team.

3: Can you tell us what you like most about AP’s remote working culture?

Because we work from home, AP is doing everything to make it as nice as possible, including having a very thorough onboarding experience, effective learning and development tools and encouraging us to communicate a lot, which I really love. I also like the flexibility of working where I am most comfortable, the trust that AP gives me, and having more time for myself by avoiding the long commute into London.

4: What would you advise to anyone who has reservations about a remote working graduate role?

University demands a great deal of independent work, so I would say that most graduates already have the skills needed to work remotely, so they should be more confident in their own capacity to adapt to this way of working! Also, at AP in London, we have face-to-face team meetings on a regular basis, we go to industry events and we meet for socials, so there are plenty of opportunities to connect with the team and people from across the industry.

5: What do you think are the most common misconceptions about remote working?

That if you remote work, you feel alone! At AP, we communicate a lot; internal conference calls, phone calls with partners and clients, quick Slack chats with colleagues, I’ve never felt alone here, and I honestly think that I am communicating more than in my previous office jobs! Another common but funny misconception is that remote workers don’t get dressed or work in their pyjamas. I highly recommend watching a TED Talk by Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom on the misconceptions of working from home.

6: Finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I am a massive tea drinker, it is a real passion! I own more than 40 different types of loose leaf tea, and way too many teapots and tea accessories. I also participated in traditional tea ceremonies in Japan and loved it!

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