Employee Spotlight: Martin Bartsch

Martin Bartsch Employee Spotlight

In this month’s edition of our Employee Spotlight series, we talked to Account Manager, Martin Bartsch. Martin shares how the pandemic has helped to accelerate the demand for affiliate marketing and reveals the time former British Bake-off judge Mary Berry cooked lunch for him!


Can you tell us more about your role at AP as Account Manager, and what this involves? 

I’m on the global team, looking after AP clients that have global partner programmes or want to expand globally. My role is to help them expand into the EMEA region specifically, in markets like Germany/DACH, Benelux, FRITES, and the Nordics. I enjoy working with clients, partners and contacts from all over the world. Most importantly, I like working with my international team and developing junior team members!


Have you seen any prominent changes in the industry, since starting your career?

Demand for affiliate marketing has increased ever since I started in the industry 8 years ago, and the perception of the industry has changed a lot. Companies value the channel as a valuable way to drive customers and revenue incrementally. The recent impact of the COVID-19 pandemic certainly left its mark. Many brands have increased their spend in the affiliate channel as online spend continues to accelerate. Working with a range of affiliate partners via one channel has many advantages such as agility and the flexibility to act fast. When it comes to innovation, the landscape is ever-changing. New partner types are often emerging which provides more opportunities for brands and customers to connect in a trusted way.


What excites you about the affiliate marketing industry?

Relationships. Connecting people, clients, brands, customers, partners, and finding innovative ways to cooperate, and with that, creating added-value for everyone involved. Surely these are win-win-win-win-win situations. That’s exciting!


What is one aspect of your job you really enjoy?

The people I work with and the culture I work in. It’s all about bringing your authentic self to work and I can do that here at AP. With the right mindset and attitude there are many opportunities open for you at AP. I particularly enjoy coaching and mentoring the junior team members to get the best out of them and to ‘excel and improve’!


Do you have any tips for successful remote working?

I think successful remote working varies for everyone individually. Some things I find that help me a lot are:

  • A designated workspace
  • A morning routine, which includes getting properly dressed, letting fresh air into the house, having a healthy breakfast and journaling to start the day
  • When it comes to managing relationships remotely – communicating clearly!


Finally, can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I once had the TV chef, former British Bake-off judge and British icon Mary Berry cooking lunch for me! A few years back, my back then boss bid at a charity event for Mary Berry cooking for the highest bidder. Well, he won the bid and invited his team to his house where Mary cooked for the team. Because I have an allergy, she made a little extra dish just for me.


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