AP Employee Spotlight… Iain Davidson

This month we talked to Iain Davidson who joined the UK team as an Account Manager just 5 weeks ago. Find out more below…

Tell us about your role at AP?

I work as an Account Manager for Affiliates in the EMEA region. I’m currently looking after 4 clients who all work in different verticals and have different needs which is great for me to learn more about new industries.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…

Not too many interesting facts to reveal… but I live around the corner from Graham Norton so see him walking his dogs most days whilst I work. Apparently, celebrities do normal things too!

How did you find yourself working in the affiliate marketing space?

I previously worked at uSwitch looking after a variety of partnerships including the affiliate channel. I really enjoyed the industry and the people in it and wanted to do more of it which is why I joined AP.

Tell us about your previous experience in the affiliate channel?

I looked after uSwitch’s energy campaign whilst I was there. It was a great way to meet people all over the industry and the team were highly commended at last year’s PMAs for Best Managed Account with affilinet.

What do you think will be the biggest trend in affiliate marketing this year?

As social media becomes even more ingrained in our daily lives I think content and influencers will continue to grow in importance. As the technology improves for tracking (and hopefully gets used) these affiliates will get fairer rewards for the sales they help generate.

What do you like most about AP’s remote work environment?

I think over the winter period I’ve really enjoyed not having to commute in the wet & cold, but the thing I like the most has got to be eating much better. Rather than having a disappointing sandwich or microwaved leftovers, I can cook something much more filling and tastier!

What do you think the biggest difference is between the UK and US affiliate markets? 

The UK affiliate market is very London centric which means we are easily able to meet merchants, networks, publishers etc face to face which I believe is one of the key reasons the affiliate market is so successful. I think the US due to sheer size of the country as well as having multiple key hubs isn’t able to do this is the same way.

Finally…what was the last thing you purchased online?

I used Amazon Prime Now to have my weekly shop delivered in just an hour and a half after I ordered it! Highly recommend!

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