AP Employee Spotlight Helena Barroso Zarco

AP Employee Spotlight Helena Barroso Zarco

In this month’s addition of our Employee Spotlight series we talked to Helena, our AP Account Director. She shares her thoughts on the benefits of remote working and top trends in the affiliate space. Find out more below…

Tell us about your role at AP?
I work as an Account Director in the EMEA region. I’m in charge of the Account Management Team and I make sure that we always offer an outstanding service, that we have strategies in place to achieve our clients’ goals and that we support them with new projects or product launches within the affiliate space.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself
Even though I have been in the online marketing industry for 7 years, my background is Translation and Interpreting and my dream was to be an interpreter in the European Union! Which obviously never happened!

How did you find yourself working in the affiliate marketing space?
After I finished my degree, I decided to do a Masters in Audio-Visual Translation in London and during my second year of the MA, I only had lessons twice a week, so I started working to get some extra money. I applied for all sort of roles that involved languages, and I ended up working as a Marketing Assistant for an online gaming company for the Spanish market, where I wrote content for blogs (even though I had no idea about how to even play Poker!), worked on the SEO for the clients and sourced affiliates. I learnt as much as I could there. After 3 months, the Affiliate Marketing Manager, who was the person I was reporting to, decided to leave, and I was given the opportunity to take over his role. Everything was new to me and the amount of work doubled! After 6 months in this role, I felt that I had to make a move and expand my knowledge outside of online gaming. I then joined a product feeds company where affiliates was a small part of the business but this is when I realised that it was the channel with the biggest potential for any brand and the one that I wanted to immerse myself in. All my roles have been 100% in the affiliate space since then.

What do you think will be the biggest trend in affiliate marketing this year?
I think that we love talking about new trends each year, but we don’t complete or/and develop the previous ones successfully! I’d say that working with Influencers will keep growing this year, however, we need to get the basics right and come up with the best payment model and metrics to measure success. Mobile technologies will also get bigger this year, the new partners in this space are changing the way users interact with their handsets and making the customer journey even easier for better results. There are definitely more companies who do that to come!

What do you like most about AP’s remote work environment?
The flexibility and trust that the company gives you. You are 100% responsible for your workload and working hours. You might think that happens in every work space however, this goes to the next level, being able to arrange your working hours during the day based on what you have to do and having the support of a company that fully trusts you in doing it at your best pace and responsibly is a game changer. We all are grown-ups and we know what we have to do in every work space, but I feel AP is a company that actually has been brave enough to put it in place and make it successful. I love travelling too, so this job gives me the possibility to work from warm, sunny, extravagant places; which makes your productivity even better!

What do you think the biggest difference is between the UK and US affiliate markets?
I don’t have much experience working in the US market, but based on what I’ve seen so far from my AP colleagues and on what I read on Bob’s book, I think legislation is the biggest difference. In the UK there is clear legislation and guidance, while this is not the case in the US. It has obviously to do with the market size, since we are comparing one small country with one very large country! Even though we usually find flaws in how things work in the UK, I feel that the IAB does a good job providing guidance to companies to be complaint and put in place the best practices. However, it’s our job as individuals and as grown-ups, going back to the point before, to commit to them and to make the market a much safer place for everybody to be in.

Finally…what was the last thing you purchased online?
Flights for sure, I can’t remember the last ones I bought because I do book too many!

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