AP Employee Spotlight: Geraldine Paul

AP Employee Spotlight: Geraldine Paul

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In this month’s edition of our Employee Spotlight series we talked to Account Director, Geraldine Paul. Geraldine shares her thoughts on what brands should be keeping their eye on and top tips for working with a global brand.

Can you tell us about your role at AP, and how you ended up working in affiliate marketing?

I am the Account Director supporting the eBay partner network at AP. In this role, I’m responsible for the strategic management of the European countries that we manage and to deliver an outstanding service. Prior to AP, I worked on the agency and client side for companies such as AutoScout24 and mytheresa, where I was responsible for various online marketing channels. I’ve also specialised in affiliate marketing with Awin, where I was leading the eBay DACH team.

What has been the biggest change you’ve seen in affiliate marketing during your career?

For me, one of the biggest changes, and challenges, was the rise of social media. Social media has (and continues to) fundamentally change the way in which affiliate marketers connect with their audience. It has revolutionised the affiliate channel so that brands reach more global audiences, with more creative and unique ways to promote themselves.

What do you think brands should keep their eye on in affiliate marketing?

Expanding the types of partnerships to new, unique ones that drive more value and revenue. This gives brands more opportunities beyond traditional affiliate partnerships.

Using data to measure other marketing KPIs (such as new vs. returning customers, incrementality, etc.) to drive decisions on the value of each partnership and optimize accordingly is also key to measuring the success of an affiliate programme.

What’s your daily routine for success?

I embrace the morning with a routine. I get up early and start with some exercise before I have my first cup of coffee. Then I begin with my most important tasks and schedule specific times at which I check my mail to guarantee a productive day. I love to structure my day with good old to-do-lists.

What are your top tips for working with a global brand?

I love working in international environments and with people who come from different backgrounds. Brands need a clear global brand strategy that’s executed at a local level. A global team needs to reflect that, and must stay aligned to achieve client goals. The challenge is to understand the significant cultural nuances and regional differences and parallels between these markets. Therefore, knowledge sharing and collaboration within the team is absolutely necessary to success.

How does working remotely accommodate your lifestyle?

Remote working offers me a more flexible lifestyle. To not go into an office during a set time frame allows me to spend more time with my family and to keep up my sports routine. I enjoy the trust that AP gives me so that I can organize myself independently. I also love to travel and this job gives me the possibility to work from different places – which makes work even more fun!


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