AP Employee Spotlight: Edoardo Spadaro

AP Employee Spotlight: Edoardo Spadaro

Edoardo Spadaro Employee Spotlight

In this month’s edition of our Employee Spotlight series, we talked to EMEA Account Manager, Edoardo Spadaro. Edoardo shares his strategies for successful remote working, how he got started in the affiliate industry and the aspects of his role which are most interesting.


How did you get started in the affiliate industry?

After my graduation in Philosophical Science four years ago, I submitted my candidacy at a lead generation and email marketing company, as an intern. I didn’t know much about the industry, but the job fascinated me. My role as an intern affiliate manager gave me the chance to communicate with a lot of different people from all around the world and was also highly performance-focused and dynamic. I think these are the reasons why I still love my job, especially here at Acceleration Partners, where we have such an open-minded work culture.


Can you tell us more about your role at AP as Account Manager, and what this involves?

I am the main point of contact for the client. I support with reporting, events, additional exposure planning, strategic optimisation (both technical and editorial) and communicating with top affiliate partners.


Which aspects of the role do you most enjoy?

I enjoy optimising performance with top partners and love finding new ways to solve issues. I also like to assess blocking points, explore solutions and provide advice to help drive revenue and sales. Even if you are not always successful, the learning points are precious.


Do you have any remote working tips for our readers?

Always find something that helps you focus, like a “philosopher’s stone” that gives you the energy and lets you enter the right attitude to get stuff done. For example, I find that the right kind of music might help with reporting and data analysis. If your job is highly data-driven, follow the data, and do not let bias blind your intuition. Most of all, remember to take a nap and go outside for a walk and an ice-cream after business hours!


What changes have you seen in the industry since you started your career?

In Italy, I have seen a switch from lead generation and pay per click model to a performance-based model, such as cost per sale models. Retail is entering the e-commerce marketing industry and filling the gap with other EU countries. For this reason, ROAS and incremental sales are becoming more and more crucial in the affiliate industry.


Finally, what are your favourite things to do outside of work?

Playing the guitar! I am not a pro, but love to play the guitar to relax.


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