AP Employee Spotlight: Anita Byekwaso


In this month’s addition of our Employee Spotlight series I talked to Anita Byekwaso, Associate Account Manager for AP EMEA. She shares her thoughts on the benefits of remote working, why she loves it and what attracted her to a role in the affiliate industry. Find out more below…

Tell us a bit about your role at AP?
I have joined the EMEA client services team as an Associate Account Manager. In this role I look after the strategic development of some of AP EMEA’s clients as well exploring new and exciting publisher opportunities for my clients in collaboration with the publisher development team.

What do you like most about working in the affiliate marketing industry?
I love that the industry is constantly changing and there are always new things to learn. I also really love how adaptable the affiliate marketing industry is and how you can adjust many partnerships to fit within the affiliate model. Finally, I really like how tight-knit the industry is and how we all work together with healthy competition and continually learn from one another.

Is this your first remote working role?
Officially yes, although in my previous role I did spend a lot of time working at home, so it was already something I was already familiar with. 

Can you tell us what you like most about AP’s remote-work culture?
There are a few things I love about the remote work culture,

  1. I no longer have a crazy commute into London, now I have now gained around 20 hours back in the week to spend on myself
  2. Working remotely really encourages you to communicate well, and although I was scared at first about being lonely and bored at home or not feeling part of a team, never have these two statements been so untrue. I have never felt so welcome in a new company and I am really enjoying my work again.
  3. I now have the flexibility to work from anywhere, so I will hope I will now have more of a chance to see the world and work in new and exciting places!

What advice would you give to anyone hesitant to take a remote working position?
Give it a go! You will be surprised how well it can work for you, and if it doesn’t at least you now know more about your working style!

Finally, what three words would your friends use to describe you?
Loud, loyal, and recently more and more reflective.

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