AP Employee Spotlight: Alvaro Sanchez

AP Employee Spotlight: Alvaro Sanchez


In our latest addition of our Employee Spotlight series I talked to Alvaro Sanchez, Associate Account Director for AP EMEA. He shares how he started in the world of affiliate marketing, the learnings he’s taken from working in multiple markets and why he loves remote working. Find out more below…

 1: Can you tell us a bit about your role at AP?

I work as an Associate Account Director in the EMEA region. I’m in charge of the Account Management Team for some of the EMEA regions largest accounts. In my role I am responsible for ensuring that we offer an outstanding service, that we have strategies in place to achieve and exceed our clients’ goals and that we support our clients with new projects or product launches within the affiliate space.

2: How did you find yourself in the world of affiliate marketing?

I started my career managing paid search and SEO projects, followed by experience on the agency and client side, giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and expertise to other online acquisition channels (affiliates, display, email marketing, social media and SEO). In 2017 I worked for an affiliate platform and in October of 2018 I joined Acceleration Partners team.

3: What attracted you to working at AP EMEA?

After working for over 10 years’ in online marketing I wanted to be part of a company where I could put my expertise to optimal use and develop my career with a sound work-life balance. After my first interview, I realised that I shared the AP vision and core values. AP EMEA’s growing team also offered the perfect challenge and opportunity to participate in the success of a regional business that was growing. Last but not least, the flexible and remote work policy allows me to spend quality time with friends and family while being more productive as I have the ability to work uninterrupted.

4: What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in digital marketing over the past 10 years?

One of the most significant changes I have seen is how social media has transformed the way people interact with brands; with more than 2.5 billion active users, and the average person spending 135 minutes using it each day. Customers have become savvy to marketing messages. They expect a responsive client service, unique marketing experiences, to be rewarded and heard. Due to these changes and the continually evolving digital world brands are able to engage with their consumer in creative and innovative ways.

5: You’ve worked in France and the UK, what are the biggest learnings you’ve taken from working in these different regions?

Language skills and real-life experience with different (business) cultures were big gifts to me, they give both a different perspective and an edge in a company or group operating internationally. On a more personal level, familiarity with and adaptation to cultural differences have been key for me to build strong friendships and ties in the different countries I have lived in.

If you want to learn more about the difference between the UK and France, we have a great country spotlight which goes into this in more detail.

6: Finally, what’s your dream travel destination?

Antarctica is on top of my bucket list. I find the frozen wilderness and the total absence of human occupation fascinating, a unique continent. I haven’t planned anything yet, but I started to look at when and how I could make this happen.

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