Affiliate Programme Guide to Global Holidays and Observances


A highly-valued attribute of affiliate marketing is its ability to give brands and their partners the flexibility to tailor strategies within their campaigns, especially around unique events and observances. Developing performance-based promotions around a holiday or day of celebration can certainly bring more attention to your brand and help increase revenue, but if you run global campaigns, keeping track of when holidays and events are celebrated in different countries can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

We’ve created this global guide featuring a variety of the world’s recognised holidays and observances to help save you time when planning and executing seasonal performance campaigns. We’ve also included some examples of campaigns and promotions that Acceleration Partners’ clients have tied to some of these holidays and celebratory events.

In the Affiliate Programme Guide to Global Holidays and Observances, you will find the dates and descriptions for holidays around the world in:

  • EMEA,
  • The US,
  • APAC and,

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