Affiliate marketing rated as a top skill that companies need this year

Acceleration Partners

A survey recently conducted by LinkedIn Learning shows that affiliate marketing is one of the most in-demand skills in 2020.

LinkedIn Learning surveyed their network of over 660 million professionals and 20 million job postings to reveal the 15 most in-demand soft and hard skills of 2020.  New to the list this year was affiliate marketing, ranked as the 7th most in-demand hard skill in 2020.

Data-driven marketing and decision making skills are becoming high priorities for businesses and for this they need people with the skills to interpret and action the data. As traditional advertising continues to decline, and social media and influencer marketing increases in popularity LinkedIn are seeing affiliate marketing rapidly rising as a “must-have” hard skill.

As our industry continues to grow, and the skills become increasingly needed by businesses we need to ensure we are training the next wave of talent and promoting our industry as a great place to develop a career. Our channel is a bedrock of innovation and is an exciting place to work. If this is represented daily by every employee and company leadership, newer employees with limited experience in the channel will start to feel passionate about choosing affiliate marketing as a career and will want to stay.

Initiatives such as Turn the Talk are encouraging greater diversity in thought leadership across our industry. Empowering the next wave of affiliate marketing voices will not only give us greater diversity in opinions but it will also allow people newer to our industry to develop as thought leaders and see the channel as a long-term career path.

Companies also need to work together to promote our channel to those in the wider industry. We can look outside the industry to attract new talent from the wider-digital community who can bring valuable experience from other channels and adapt this to the affiliate channel. Skills such as negotiation, data analysis, and research can be good places to start for recruitment and you can view more insights on our company page here.

Let’s work together as an industry to attract and retain talent.

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