Affiliate London2Paris: Why I Cycle

Affiliate London2Paris: Why I Cycle



I was first introduced to road cycling in 2010 when Team Sky launched.  I was working at Sky at the time and hadn’t been on a bike since I was at University and it was my mode of transport.  Cycling very quickly became an ingrained culture at Sky and they created opportunities for employees to get on their bike, just like they have the whole of the UK.  They organised the first employee London-Brighton ride, I signed up with no training, no bike, hired a mountain bike which was too small for me and I cycled the 50 miles to Brighton.  After that I was hooked.

8 years on, a new road bike, no end of gadgets, wheels, tyres, jerseys, tears, joy, pain I would classify myself as a keen amateur cyclist.  I have several centuries under my belt (100 mile sportive) and this year I’m attempting my first Ultra (300km in one go) and Lands’ End to John O’Groats (just under 1,000 miles in 10 days) as well as a hellish ride in the Yorkshire dales and a number of others in-between.

Cycling for me is my switch off from work time. I am obsessed with finding those marginal gains to go that little bit further, or that little bit quicker or to beat my time up Box Hill.  It forces me outside of my comfort zone and focuses my mind on an objective.  A few years ago, I would have seen a 100 mile sportive as a challenge, now that’s a training ride. I’m always fascinated about how far we as human beings can push and train ourselves and for me cycling is the perfect platform for me to test my mental and physical abilities.

Cycling in tough, really tough, mentally and physically.  I’ve been moved to tears of pain and exhaustion being on the bike, but also extreme highs and a sense of achievement. But most of all, I just love being able to get on my bike and cycle wherever I choose.

One of the great things about cycling is if you do it with other people it makes it easier.  Scientifically, because you can draft some of the way and exert less power to go the same speed and mentally as you have people to chat too.  Which is why we decided to give the affiliate marketing industry a challenge and bring people together from the channel that wanted to work together to achieve something great, which they will probably never do again.

The London-Paris ride in 24 hours is tough. It’s 180 miles, that’s 12 hours in the saddle pedalling for your average rider. But, you will experience it with fellow industry professionals, experiencing all the highs and lows that go with it, helping and supporting each other on the way, stuffing your face with cake and of course celebrating the achievement with a beer or two in the evening in one of the most beautiful Cities in the world.  Even better, we are raising money for a great cause, the British Heart Foundation, a charity close to many people’s hearts across the industry.

So, get your lycra out, and come and join us for the biggest challenge of the year, and the most fun you can have in affiliate marketing this year!

To find out more about the event and sign up click here.