Acceleration Partners has been shortlisted for this year’s Employee Engagement Awards

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We are extremely excited to announce that Acceleration Partners (AP) EMEA team has been shortlisted for the Culture & Purpose category at this year’s Employee Engagement Awards!

In the words of AP Founder & CEO, Robert Glazer, “Creating a legacy in our life is not very different from creating a company culture. It’s something designed to live beyond your lifetime and serve a greater purpose.”

Perhaps the most integral parts of our company’s culture are our core values, which hold employees accountable for “owning” their work (“Own It”), continuously improving themselves and encouraging excellence in others (“Excel and Improve”), and “Embracing Relationships” with colleagues, clients and partners. These values are more than just phrases hung on the walls; they are paramount to our company culture. Our values help determine who we hire, who we partner with, how we conduct our business day-to-day and how we work together as a team.

As a 100% remote working organisation, we understand the importance of work life integration and allowing our team to have the autonomy needed to pursue excellence in the activities that bring them happiness outside of work. At AP, we promote a happy and healthy working environment, where people love what they do and are given all the opportunities available to develop their work and personal skills, our teams live our core business values each and every day and work with an energy and passion that’s contagious.

We could not be more honoured to be recognised among so many impressive organisations, good luck to all those who are shortlisted.

If you would like to find out more about what it’s like to work for AP and our current job vacancies,  visit our careers page.