Acceleration Partners: 2018 year in review

Acceleration Partners

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Seneca

2019 is upon us. Everyone here at Acceleration Partners is excited and ambitious about all the new beginnings ahead. But we also value the significance of looking back and reflecting on what the previous year held, as that’s the foundation upon which we’re able to achieve bigger and better things for our company, our clients, our partners and ourselves.

With that, here’s a look back on 2018 happenings here at Acceleration Partners:


Acceleration Partners

Sarah Johnson Dayes was promoted to Chief Client Officer!


Acceleration Partners

4.9 Glassdoor rating

Global expansion

We expanded our team and operations in London, Singapore, Australia and Mexico City!

Acceleration Partners

Global highlights:

  • The EMEA region welcomed 8 new team members in 2018
  • Hired Janice Tan-David as our Managing Director for the Asia-Pacific region and opened our APAC headquarters in Singapore
  • The APAC team welcomed two new team members in 2018


We welcomed 55 new US-owned clients in 2018. A few notable US clients include:

Acceleration Partners

Global highlights:

Acceleration Partners


In our EMEA region in 2018 we expanded some of the world’s largest brands into the EU affiliate market and added new EMEA brands to our portfolio, working across 15 countries in the region. We also worked with a number of Advertisers to review their current strategies and help them build better affiliate marketing programmes.


Although we’ve only recently established headquarters in Singapore and hired Janice Tan-David as our APAC Managing Director, we’ve already realised notable successes in the APAC region in 2018, including bringing on new team members and officially offering extensive consultative services to clients around the globe.


We grew and strengthened our relationship with leading industry partners, including:

Acceleration Partners

First AP global 24-hour bike ride from London to Paris!

Our first AP London2Paris bike ride saw 50+ participants from across the affiliate industry cycle 180 miles in 24-hours, raising over £25,000 for charity.

London2Paris cyclists from Acceleration Partners


Acceleration Partners

AP was honoured to receive TWO awards at the 2018 International Performance Marketing Awards!

More exciting guests on the Outperform Podcast!

We had many impressive guests join us on our podcast in 2018. Check out the full line-up here.

We look forward to bringing you even more great content and guests in 2019!

Another epic AP Summit

AP Summit 2018 was one for the record books. From awe-inspiring speakers to unforgettable experiences, this incredible event elevated the perspectives, passions, performance and partnerships of the entire AP team.

Acceleration Partners

Now that it’s a new year, the clock has reset. Everyone at AP is excited about what 2019 will bring – and we’ll be sure to share them with you as they unfold!

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