A Quarter Of Britons Only Book A Holiday If They Can Get A Discount


New research has revealed the number of frugal holidaymakers that make their travel decisions according to whether they can find a discount, and that their booking is entirely dependent upon making a saving. A quarter of Britons confessed that they would not book a holiday without a discount of some kind, and over half agreed that they enjoy their holiday more if they have saved money on the original price quoted.

Destination, budget and timings are no longer the main considerations for Britons booking a holiday, as our latest consumer survey, reveals that the ability to negotiate a good saving is one of the most important factors. One in four holidaymakers have confirmed that they would only book a holiday providing they could get a discount on the price.

 2,188 Britons took part in the research, all of whom had booked a holiday online in the last twelve months.

First, all respondents were asked, “Would getting a discount on the original price of a holiday influence how likely you would be to book it?” to which a quarter (25%) stated that they would not book a holiday without a discount. A further 61% stated that they would be ‘more likely’ to book the holiday if there was a saving to be made.

All respondents were then asked, “What effect would saving money on the price of the trip have on your experience on holiday?” to which 52% agreed that they would ‘enjoy the holiday more’, while 29% stated that they would ‘be more relaxed with spending money’.

The respondents who stated that they would not book a holiday without a discount were then asked how much they would want to save, as a percentage of the total original price quoted. A third of respondents (33%) stated that the amount of the discount ‘wouldn’t matter’, providing they were making some kind of saving. Of the remaining respondents, the average answer revealed that the ideal amount of discount Britons search for when it comes to booking a holiday is 25%.

Finally, the same group was asked “If a discount was available to use for your holiday, would you be likely to increase your spend in other ways e.g. extend the length of the holiday, upgrade the room or board option?” to which 41% stated that they would opt to add on other luxuries thanks to saving money with the discount.

Helen Southgate, EMEA Managing Director commented:

“Saving money is really important in consumers’ daily lives, and we all love to get a good deal. It’s not just a case of wanting to keep our pennies in our pocket; it’s actually about feeling like we are appreciated customers, and being able to get that extra mile. It’s those feel-good surprises that make us proud of ourselves and help us to feel positive about our purchases. While most of us are happy to splash out a little on holiday, it’s important that we feel we are making the right decision with our money so we can fully enjoy ourselves.”



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