July 16th 2019
Top tips for remote working success
*This blog post was updated in November 2021

Many employees are rejoicing at the fact that remote working is on the rise! According to the Office of National Statistics, the number of UK workers who have moved into remote-working has increased by nearly a quarter of a million over the last decade.

On the employee side, it's easy to understand why. There's great flexibility, as you can practically work from anywhere, and there are great financial benefits, such as saving on travel. I personally save £160 a month on my travelcard. Having said this, there are some unique challenges to face as a remote worker.

Read on to find out my top tips for remote working success.


Create a workspace and invest in it

Whether you have your own office or whether it's a corner in your living room, it's vital that you have a workspace that enables you to be productive and motivates you. Once you have this area it's important that you invest in it and make it yours! Purchase the right desk, chair, monitors and anything else that will help you turn your space into a home office. When you go to this designated space, you know that it's time to work.


Have a routine (or two)

Starting your day in the right mindset is key, especially when you work from home. It's really important to have a morning routine, whether it's working out in the morning or getting the kids to school I believe this encourages self-discipline and prepares you mentally as you already feel productive even before you've started work!

Also, I suggest mixing up your week a little. Yes, you have a great workspace at home but it's also healthy to get out of the house and work from a coffee shop or even a co-working space.


Connect with your team

Communication plays a vital role at work and this is more imperative when team members are apart, it's vital to put communication front and centre. It's easy to jump to the conclusion that working from home is a lonely place, however, I find this to be the opposite. All of your colleagues are in the same position so there's always an intentional effort to connect with one another, whether it's to talk about work, yesterday's football score or this evenings plans.

Apart from this, we're heavy Slack users, so there's plenty of relevant channels that you can join. From Parenting AP Style where all the parents (including myself!) use it to showcase their children to our famous AP Travel channel where our colleagues can share their holiday adventures.


Manage your time

The first thing that I do before starting my day is to draft up a to-do list, I think this is a great way to start the day no matter where you work. By writing everything you need to get done before the day is over, you'll be able to hold yourself accountable and keep yourself on track throughout the day. Also, there's nothing more satisfying than crossing items off your list!

Once this is set, it's important that you take out time for breaks. In a normal office environment, you would go grab a drink once or twice a day and at the same time use the time to disconnect a little. This is no different when you're working from home, make sure you take out the time to grab a coffee or even go for a short walk.  You'll come back refreshed and ready to tackle more tasks.

Getting started with remote working can be quite an adjustment but covering off these steps will set you up for remote work success.


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