March 25th 2020
Three reasons to employ an agency to run your affiliate marketing

Acceleration Partners have been active in the EU market for nearly three years. In that time, we've helped some of the biggest brands in the world grow and improve their affiliate marketing programmes

Using an agency to support your affiliate marketing activity isn't the traditional route, so why should a brand choose to work with an agency?  Here are three reasons.



1: No conflict of interest

We don't earn our money from an override, which is a percentage of how much a partner makes.  There is an advantage to the traditional affiliate override model; it places the risk on the network.  However, there are disadvantages; it creates a behaviour of focusing on quick wins and partners that are already driving revenue.  Many of the brands we speak to find that 80-90% of revenue generated is from less than ten partners. 

We get paid for the value that we drive.  If we don't deliver value, the relationship won't last long, we're just as incentivised to work hard for our brands as if we were on a performance basis, but our brands know we only have their best interests at heart, not our own.


2: Diversity of thought and experience

Our team has an average of 9.5 years of digital / affiliate marketing experience; this is exceptionally high and has come about organically due to the way we work.  We work best with brands that want to elevate their affiliate marketing programmes, so our people have to be more experienced, have strategic skills and the gravitas to lead our brands in a new direction.  Our company is 100% remote, the natural impact of this is a more experienced workforce, we retain people as they enjoy working here and gain more experience in the sector.  Our team come from a variety of work experience backgrounds. Publisher, advertiser, agency, network, traditional marketing or digital environments.  Some have run businesses before, and others worked in new business development.  This range of experience and diversity of thought allows us to support a wide range of brands in different ways.


3: Flexibility

We offer our brands the flexibility to work with our teams and services in the way they need to when they need to.   Our services are stacked, so brands can take our full service or choose one part of the stack, such as partner development, training or migration.  We know that our brands are at different stages, have different needs and resource; we tailor our services to meet those needs.


If you would like to speak to our speak about building a better partner marketing programme. Get in touch today.