December 12th 2022


The Art of Living has selected Acceleration Partners to take over programme management of their affiliate marketing programme!

Since 1981, The Art of Living Foundation has helped millions of people relieve stress and anxiety through breathwork and meditation. Their flagship course, SKY Breath Meditation, has been featured around the globe and featured in publications from Time Magazine to Yale research studies surrounding its effectiveness.

In addition to serving busy people everywhere, Art of Living also gives back through charitable efforts by partnering with key community organisations, such as hospitals, prisons, veterans, and teaching staff, to address the specialised needs of various sections of society.

For affiliates looking to earn a competitive commission while sharing their favourite health & wellness company, The Art of Living's affiliate programme offers a baseline 15% commission. The Art of Living also offers a 30-day cookie window, opportunities for promotional paid content and increased commissions, an award-winning partner management team, and newsletters with updates on promotions and increased earning potential.

Sub-affiliates, content partners, voucher partners, loyalty partners, mass media, influencer networks and review sites are encouraged to consider joining this programme.

To learn more about The Art of Living's programme, visit our website here.


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Author: Teagan Fast