August 16th 2021
Profile of a growth marketer: Paolo Broussard, IWG plc
Profile of a Growth Marketer is an ongoing series where we feature partner marketing industry leaders from around the globe.


We sat down with Paolo Broussard, Head of Growth and Performance Marketing at IWG plc, to learn more about the growth in hybrid working, the benefits of partnering with IWG plc and how they are using their affiliate programme to grow globally.


What is your role at IWG plc? 

I currently lead growth and performance marketing globally at IWG plc. In my role, I oversee IWG's operating brands (Regus and Spaces) and digital businesses (EasyOffices, Rovva and DaVinci are the most visited).


Can you tell us a bit more about IWG plc?

At IWG plc, we have built the world's largest flexible workspace platform that helps millions of people and businesses have a great day at work. We partner with enterprises of any size and entrepreneurs by providing fully managed offices, customised spaces, infrastructure, coworking solutions, meeting rooms, virtual offices, and any related support that they may need. We offer flexible terms from an hour to years and a choice of thousands of locations.


How is IWG plc supporting a growing number of companies looking to offer hybrid working to their employees?

It's been a record start for us in 2021, adding a million customers to our network with a further million in the pipeline. This all points to companies of all sizes embracing hybrid work for the long-term and choosing IWG plc as their partner. At the heart of the shift to hybrid, work is a growing desire from employees to work part of the time from home and part of the time from a local office, close to their home.

As part of this shift, we are witnessing the "15-minute city" concept – ideal geography where most human needs are located within a 15-minute travel distance- gain significant traction worldwide. Employees benefit from reduced commutes and a better work-life balance, and companies enjoy lower costs and more engaged workers. Via the IWG plc app, employees have everything they need for a great day at work – access to thousands of workspaces and the ability to book coworking spaces or meeting rooms on demand.


IWG plc has recently started expanding to the London suburbs. Can you tell us a bit more about this? 

Our CEO, Mark Dixon, has spoken at length about the ambition to scale up our network to meet the growing demand for hybrid work. The ultimate goal is to be in every village, town and city, bringing workplaces into the heart of communities. We're working closely with franchise partners to scale up quickly and meet demand; in the UK, we already have 12 partners on board with 72 locations confirmed. Expanding into the London suburbs is a key priority as employees no longer want to commute into the city centre every day but want to live and work locally.


What affiliate partners are you looking to collaborate with? 

We are looking to work with partners via our Regus affiliate programme who can reach and influence business decision-makers (Entrepreneurs, C-suite, HR, Property and Facilities Directors, Finance Directors and other senior roles).


What are the benefits for partners who promote IWG plc?

There are plenty of opportunities for content affiliates, advertising networks, influencers, and B2B lead focused partners. The main benefits for programme partners include promoting a market-leading brand that is part of a rapidly growing industry, a highly competitive remuneration structure and a vast international network.


The IWG plc affiliate programme is growing across Europe. What are your plans for global expansion?

We are a truly global business, present in 120+ countries and growing. Our network will expand to tens of thousands of locations, and we need broader support across the Americas, APAC, and Africa.

Our affiliate programme is a low-risk way to grow into new countries and regions. We are leveraging Acceleration Partner's global expertise and in-market affiliate marketing specialists to recruit new partners onto our Regus affiliate programme and grow our reach across the US and EMEA region. You can learn more about IWG's affiliate programme here.


Check out many of the other leading brands who trust our team to manage their affiliate programmes on our clients page.


About IWG plc

IWG plc is leading the workspace revolution. Their companies help more than 2.5 million people and their businesses to work more productively. They do so by providing a choice of professional, inspiring, and collaborative workspaces, communities, and services. Their customers are start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large multinationals with unique goals and aspirations. They want a choice of workspaces and communities to match their needs.

IWG companies now help millions of people in almost 3,300 locations in over 1,000 towns and cities across more than 120 countries.

Author: Acceleration Partners