September 24th 2020
Partner Spotlight: Profity
Acceleration Partners' Partner Spotlight is an ongoing series where members of our Publisher Development team highlight different partners from across the region.

This month, David Vince, EMEA Partner Development Manager at Acceleration Partners, caught up with Patrick Ammann, Director of International Business at Profity.


Patrick Ammann


Welcome to our Partner Spotlight! Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

First off thank you for giving me the chance to present Profity at the AP Partner Spotlight. It's very much appreciated by our entire team. Now a little about myself, my name is Patrick Ammann and have been working in the performance/ eCommerce space for the past 10 years. At Profity, I spearhead our International Business efforts, transforming our Swiss centric focus into an international one. My major tasks include looking after and expanding our international sales teams along with all international relationships with affiliate networks, performance agencies and direct clients.


Can you give a brief description of what you do at Profity and how your business can help generate traffic and sales for advertisers?

Certainly, Profity is a private network of e-commerce companies. Each participating online shop markets the offers (typically in the form of a voucher code) of the other partner shops after a successful sale in its shop. This leads to each partner shop receiving more traffic and sales from a high-quality user group. Participating shops see an uplift on average between 15-18% of new clients accessing their shop.


From what I understand, advertisers need to integrate a tag in order to work with Profity. Have you done anything to make this process easier for clients, knowing that this could be a roadblock for some?

An integration of our script on the order confirmation page of an advertiser is necessary. However, to streamline this process, we have integrated with various Mastertags of different networks (example: AWIN & Rakuten). The entire process takes less than five minutes to complete and can easily be completed over Google Tag Manager, and of course we are always happy and willing to assist our clients in this effort.


Are there any specific sectors that tend to work better for this business model?

The great thing about Profity is that we are open to working with all sectors. Some sectors certainly perform better than others, these being: Electronics, Home & Living, Pets, Fashion and Beauty.


You've recently launched in the UK. Do you anticipate any new or different challenges in this market, compared to some of the others that you work in?

Correct, we launched Profity in the UK at the end of June with our first 15 clients, and we consider this effort as a main step in the right direction for us. The upcoming challenge for us now lies in explaining to advertisers that our service never interferes with the initial user journey up until the point of sale has been completed. We understand the initial scepsis from advertiser's when dealing with tech publishers. This is what we need to debunk since Profity only comes into play after the sale has been completed. As such, we are involved in building a completely new user journey for our advertisers' customers.


I guess there is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario when launching a product like yours into a new market. How have you navigated that challenge?

Thankfully we have been able to build some strong relationships over the past five years with numerous international brands that see the true value we bring to the bottom line of their business. As such, these partners gladly moved onboard with us once they heard we were starting Profity in the UK. Besides that, it's the strong relationships we are building with different networks and agencies which will hopefully bear fruit in the coming weeks/ months.


Which activities do you enjoy the most outside of work?

Considering that I am a proud father of two young children my free time is fairly limited besides the time spent with them. However, when time permits, I do love playing sports, especially tennis and basketball – and travelling!


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Author: David Vince