May 20th 2020
Partner Programme Migration 101
Migrating your partner marketing programme is a great way to review strategies, refresh partners and adapt your programme for long-term growth. Deciding to move platforms can be daunting, especially since there are many moving parts to a programme. However, with the right tools, support and actions in place, from beginning to end, the process can be seamless and efficient.

Dipa Shah, Senior Account Manager at Acceleration Partners and Georgia Nield, Migration Manager, Client Services EMEA, at Partnerize will discuss how to successfully migrate an affiliate programme.

Listeners can expect to learn:

  • The benefits of migrating your programme
  • The flexibility of the Agency, SaaS model and how this can help during uncertain times
  • How an agency and SaaS platform can support a brand in their programme migration
  • Programme migration best practice from client case studies
  • Steps for tackling migration challenges
  • Best practices for communicating a migration with programme partners

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