February 19th 2020
Our services in a new decade of affiliate marketing

The way clients are structuring and managing their marketing activity is changing. Gone are the days where a one-size-fits-all approach is appropriate — if it ever was.


Stacked services

Brands often only need a subset of all the services that networks and agencies bundle together. Acceleration Partners don't work that way — we have broken the full stack down into account management, partner development, programme migration, consultancy, training and in-housing. Our clients can pick and choose what they need when they need it, and we provide the best people to deliver these services.


Partner development

We have a separate partner development team; each member of the team works across a maximum of 3-clients, we rotate them regularly to keep things interesting for both the employee and the brand.

Partner development experts have a different skill set to those in client services; their role is to find new partner opportunities, not manage existing ones. They love to get on the phone, research and negotiate great deals for our clients.

This split and precise definition of the team works well. It allows brands to use our partner development services and client services, knowing they are getting an expert in each area, not someone trying to be excellent at both.


Finding, developing and keeping the best people

Finding and retaining great people is the most important thing you can do in business. To keep people, they need to be happy both in their work and personal life. We've found the right balance between building a hard-working, experienced workforce yet allowing them the autonomy and flexibility to work how they want to.

The impact on our clients is a team of people that care about their work, want to stay with us, and are exceptional at what they do. Because we hire into highly skilled areas, such as client handling, partner development and data management, we have a diverse recruitment strategy which sources from a variety of backgrounds, experience and education. Our remote working policy doesn't limit us on location either; we recruit people from anywhere in the world.


Choosing the right brands to work with

We work best with brands that want to advance their affiliate programmes. Brands that thrive for excellence are not afraid to try new things and see us as a partner that can deliver positive change. We've turned business down, and divorced clients that we don't feel can get the best from us.

We know how to deliver first-class affiliate programmes for first-class brands, regardless of where in the world they are.


If that is you, get in touch with our friendly team today!