July 17th 2020
How brands are gaining a competitive advantage with incrementality
When it comes to measuring the impact of marketing campaigns, traditional metrics only scratch the surface. To better understand the effectiveness of marketing programmes, defining and determining how to measure incremental results is a focus for many brands.

In this session, Alex Prudencio Irizarry, Director of Product at Adlucent and Chelsey Holt, Associate Account Director at Acceleration Partners, explain incrementality measurement and share specific examples of how marketers are leveraging incrementality to improve the performance of their marketing spend.

In this session you'll learn:

  • What is incrementality and why is it important in your digital marketing efforts.
  • Different incrementality measurement methodologies and how they are applied to specific marketing channels such as affiliate marketing, programmatic, display, paid search and paid social.
  • How to leverage lift testing to gain an understanding of the incremental value a channel provides.
  • How leading brands have used incrementality to improve the performance of their marketing programs and marketing spend.

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