The Case Study

Renogy Capitalises on Emerging Influencer and Affiliate Opportunities in New Markets

Renogy is a visionary technology leader on a mission to dramatically broaden the accessibility and adoption of innovative, clean energy solutions around the globe. Whether life happens in an RV, a boat, or a home, Renogy gives people the freedom and inspiration to find the best product for their energy needs. After seeing significant success in their North American-based affiliate programme, Renogy saw an opportunity to expand to new global markets, with a specific focus on influencer partnerships.

Discover how Acceleration Partners helped Renogy grow their influencer base and affiliate programme to new regions while increasing click traffic and sales.


+280%increase YoY in click active partners in H2 2021 

152%of 2021 revenue goal reached

90%of new partners in 2021 were influencers  

60%of sales in 2021 were driven by influencers  

The Challenge

Since launching its affiliate programme with Acceleration Partners in 2020, Renogy has experienced exceptional marketing and sales growth in its primary market, North America. After repeatedly surpassing revenue goals within their current region, Renogy saw an opportunity to replicate this success through Acceleration Partners’ proven expertise in several new global markets.

Leveraging Acceleration Partners’ strategic guidance, Renogy decided to establish new footholds in Australia, the United Kingdom, and France.

Our Approach

Acceleration Partners provided Renogy with recommendations and support to guide affiliate marketing efforts during the expansion, which included:

Technology Platform Migration

With AP’s assistance, Renogy migrated to a software as a service (SaaS) platform that would be able to accommodate an expansion and offer better ways to monitor performance during the transition.

Localised Account Managers

AP provided Renogy with affiliate account managers based in each of the three regions they were expanding to, ensuring the company would have access to local expertise, boots-on-the-ground support, and insight into regional trends and affiliates.

Global Influencer Strategy

AP directly targeted individual influencers interested in camper vans and sustainability to align with Renogy’s niche audience—specifically targeting high-performing YouTube influencers. Having managers in the same regions as these influencers increased how much they populated local searches. To attract these partners to the programme, Renogy gave influencers free equipment or product samples for video-based reviews.

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