The Case Study

How AP Helped Online Marketplace Brand Exceed Revenue Goal by 145%

Learn how Acceleration Partners helped an online marketplace client recruit and optimise a new type of affiliate partnership, resulting in the client being able to drive incremental value for their affiliate programme and exceed their YoY revenue goal by over 145%.


The combination of both content affiliates and strategically chosen loyalty partners proved successful.

71%over monthly revenue goal

145%exceeded YoY revenue goal

The Challenge

Acceleration Partners’ (AP) client had long relied upon voucher affiliates to drive sales to their online marketplace of independent artists. Growing concerned that these sales weren’t incremental, the client shifted their programme to accept only content affiliates, against advice from the team (as content partners are known for helping drive sales with upper- and mid-funnel customers, which may take longer than more immediate bottom-of-funnel traffic driven by voucher or loyalty partners). Within a few months sales took a hit and – with the programme pacing around 30% below projections – the client was open to new ideas.

Our Approach

The team recommended testing a few strategically chosen loyalty partners. They provided a clear explanation around the value of incorporating content-focused loyalty affiliates and how they could support – not cannibalise – the efforts of existing content partners.

The client agreed, stipulating that loyalty affiliates’ initiatives must not be too promotional and must only include cashback offers. The team scoured our CRM database and enlisted the expertise of the entire AP affiliate team. They narrowed the list down to two top, content-focused loyalty partners who would best align with the client’s brand and guidelines and kicked off test campaigns with each.

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