The Case Study

Helping Pura Vida Bracelets Double Affiliate Program Revenue

Learn how Acceleration Partners' (AP's) multi-channel approach to affiliate marketing helped Pura Vida Bracelets save $19K+ in commissions while doubling their affiliate programme revenue. 

AP helped Pura Vida target the right partners, develop the right voucher offers, maintain the authenticity and reputation of their brand, and grow their revenue. 


Our team helped Pura Vida achieve their goals, strengthen partner relationships and marketing initiatives, add global artisans, and gain exposure on brand-aligned voucher sites.

Doubledprior year's revenue

$19,000 saved in publisher commissions

$1.5Mdonated to charity partners from revenue

The Challenge

Pura Vida, a hand-crafted bracelet and jewellery brand known for partnering with charities around the world, looked to Acceleration Partners (AP) to help them achieve 2018 revenue goals:

Double their 2017 revenue

Drive 8-10% of that through their affiliate marketing programme

The AP team recognised an opportunity to take a multi-channel approach, harmonise Pura Vida’s online and offline marketing initiatives, recruit high-quality affiliate partners, and ensure brand-aligned partners represented Pura Vida in the best light possible.

Our Approach

Brand-Aligned Promotion

The AP team recommended that Pura Vida transition from working primarily with content partners to focus on top voucher, deal, and loyalty programme partners, and optimise top affiliate partners to ensure brand-aligned promotion.

  • Completed weekly affiliate programme partner reviews and removed voucher codes from unapproved partners
  • Carefully and consistently evaluated programme conversion data (e.g., conversions, traffic, partner performance)
  • Strategically commissioned voucher, deal, and loyalty partners, providing exclusive-limited-time voucher codes to top partners
  • Negotiated homepage and other placements on top partners’ sites
  • Established clear communication with the Pura Vida team and their affiliate partners
Working with Acceleration Partners has allowed us to have a more strategic, data-driven and goal-oriented affiliate programme.

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