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Partner Marketing
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What brands want and need from their marketing partnerships is steadily growing in complexity and sophistication.

As the partnership ecosystem expands, Acceleration Partners is helping industry-leading brands efficiently set-up, launch and manage their partner programs while strategically optimizing performance-based partnerships.

Partner Marketing Program Management

Partner Program Set-Up & Launch

ESTABLISH goals and key metrics for your partner program

DETERMINE the right incentives to attract and engage the best partnerships for your brand

OUTLINE parameters by which partners promote your brand

IDENTIFY the right partnerships to help you realize those goals and metrics

DEVELOP a diverse portfolio of strategic partners that balances your growth objectives and risk tolerance for your program

Partner Marketing Program Management

Partner Program Management

RECRUIT and engage the right partners

MITIGATE program risks through marketing policy creation and enforcement

ENSURE alignment with your partners through clear communication of critical program and promotional information

COMMUNICATE and track various promotional messaging

RECONCILE adjustments, invoices and pay partners on earned commissions after results have been realized

Partner Marketing Program Management

Partner Program Optimization

TEST new partnerships, strategies and compensation structures

ANALYZE performance results and identify portfolio gaps and opportunities

IMPROVE program components to achieve better ROI, ROAS and CPA

STREAMLINE processes to make room for more value-added partnerships and marketing initiatives

SCALE partnership opportunities and efficiently track performance

A lot of work goes into managing all of these affiliate partnerships and we appreciate all of the support Acceleration Partners provides!”

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