October 28th 2022


WRKOUT has selected Acceleration Partners to take over program management of their affiliate marketing program!


WRKOUT is the future of fitness. Founded by industry veteran Curtis Christopherson, the CEO of North America's largest network of premium personal training studios, WRKOUT was built on over 20 years of established experience, bringing next generation virtual training to market.

Unlike other methods of connected fitness that focus on one-way streaming or require proprietary hardware, WRKOUT's exclusive platform provides a live, two-way interactive training environment that connects members with elite trainers from around the world.

Their purpose is clear – WRKOUT empowers trainers to thrive by building products and services for independent trainers and studios to succeed in todays' competitive marketplace. They stand for equal opportunity, unlimited possibility and taking responsibility.

For affiliates (particularly content and mass media partners) looking to earn a competitive commission while promoting their favorite fitness platform with their audience, WRKOUT's affiliate program offers $10 per signup. WRKOUT also offers monthly newsletters, a dedicated account management team, affiliate exclusives and more.

To learn more about WRKOUT's program, visit our website here.


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Author: Teagan Fast