August 25th 2020
The Ultimate Guide to Working with Coupon Sites in Affiliate Marketing
Coupon sites are as varied as the brands who partner with them. While not a partnership fit for every brand, the reality is that coupon sites have more than proven their ability to drive incremental sales, increase revenue, improve brand awareness, drive in-store business, attract new customers and add significant value to brands' affiliate programs.

The key is in ensuring that the relationship is managed properly so that it's a productive, profitable partnership.

What's inside this Ultimate Guide to Working with Coupon Partners in Affiliate Marketing?

  • Specific examples of how coupon partners add value to brands' affiliate programs.
  • Strategies for effective and productive partnerships with coupon sites.
  • Questions you should be asking to determine if coupon sites are right for your affiliate program.
  • Recommendations for how to test campaigns with coupon sites before committing to a longer-term partnership.
  • Case studies of how leading brands have successfully partnered with coupon sites to reach their goals and drive incremental performance.

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