March 3rd 2016
Why Company Culture Is So Important

The concept of “company culture” seems to be one of the hottest business buzzwords these days. Companies are increasingly putting a high value on it, but why? Because working at a company with a culture that you feel good about and personally invested in allows you to really love your job. I’m not talking about loving your day-to-day work tasks. I’m talking about really enjoying why you do it, who you are doing it with and who you are doing it for. We believe that engaged and happy employees are the foundation for a successful and sustainable-growth business.

Speaking from experience as a Director of Talent and Culture, cultivating a positive culture attracts the best talent and helps to retain and engage your current talent.  But most importantly, from an employee perspective, working at a company with a great culture allows everyone to be on the same page about what is expected, rewarded, and celebrated. It also keeps everyone rowing in the same direction, striving for the same goals, celebrating the same wins, and feeling accomplished – even at the end of a challenging week.

At our company, all of our team members work remotely. Although we don’t all physically see each other every day, we all know we’re “in it” together, which is something I’m really proud of. This is not easy to do in a traditional office work environment, much less in a primarily remote work environment. Yet, we’ve been able to achieve it because we proactively work on fostering a positive, productive work culture each and every day.

One of the ways we support our healthy company culture is to send out anonymous mini surveys to our team members each week through an employee engagement tool called TINYpulse. For example, a recent question we asked our team members is: “On a Scale of 1 to 10, how much does your organization's culture drive your active engagement at work?

Our employees scored us an 8.3.  This is significant because the industry benchmark is 7.7 (this is a benchmark that’s made up of other companies who use TINYpulse and value employee feedback and culture as much as we do, so the bar is already set quite high).

Here is some of the feedback that our team members gave:

“Company culture is extremely important. Most companies preach about culture, however they don't actually follow through with supporting that culture with actions. AP follows through and in return it lifts morale and engagement.”

“I see everyone exemplifying the core values and excelling because of the culture, so why wouldn't I want to do the same? Makes sense!”

“… I'd say that our core values make work between team members much easier. When most - if not all - of the team members are working in a way that aligns with our core values, work is more enjoyable and gets done more collaborative, productively….I honestly believe that our core values are what set us apart.”

“The AP Culture is what drew me to AP, and certainly part of why I'd like to stay!”

“Most companies stress a culture, but don't LIVE IT - AP eats, sleeps and breathes the culture/values they put out and I love that. I feel part of a work family because of it, and it drives me to work that much harder each and every day.”

“AP's culture allows me to be all in and fully engaged both at work and at home - not to have to make a tradeoff for one vs the other.”

“When my peers are working hard and contributing, it motivates me to be better and work harder too”

Building and fostering a strong company culture is not an easy task, nor a one person job. It takes a leadership team that is invested, engaged and naturally able to lead by example. Top-down, everyone needs to be in sync for your culture to grow roots and prosper.

To learn more about our company culture and what sets us apart from the industry pack, check out our culture deck on our careers page.