April 19th 2020
Why Changing Payments to Publishers Will Have a Lasting Impact

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In these challenging and uncertain times, we're seeing a troubling trend ... some brands and technology platforms aren't treating affiliates with the transparency, protection or regard they deserve.

On this episode, Acceleration Partners' founder and CEO, Bob Glazer and Michelle Morgan, Acceleration Partners' Director of Publisher Development, discuss what they are seeing right now between affiliates, the brands they partner with and the affiliate technology platforms who administer payments to those publishers.


Show Notes

  • How payment changes made by brands and affiliate technology providers (affiliate networks and SaaS platforms) put affiliates at higher risk, especially now in these challenging economic times.
  • What affiliates should be reviewing before joining a brand's program.
  • What affiliate technology providers should be doing to support publishers.
  • How some brands and affiliate technology providers are communicating to affiliates at this time and why it's problematic in the short- and long-term.
  • What brands and affiliate technology providers need to know and understand about how their decisions – and how they are communicating those decisions to affiliates – will have consequences long after the economy improves.
  • An example of an affiliate network who communicates well with publishers and provides them with valuable transparency into brands' affiliate programs, how and when they pay, etc.
  • The long-term consequences for brands who abruptly set affiliate commissions to zero, don't communicate effectively with them, delay payments to affiliates and fail to pay publishers for the performance they've driven for the brand.
  • What some brands are doing to maintain a strong relationship with their affiliate partners during this difficult time and the impressive growth rates they're experiencing because of those actions.


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[Blog post] How to Best Communicate with Partners If Pausing your Affiliate Program

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