What’s New & What’s Next with Performance Partnerships

With limited budgets and increasing pressures to return a positive ROI, many marketers are shifting to the performance model where partners are paid purely on their ability to perform. They are building mutually beneficial relationships with partners – be it in the form of bloggers, influencers, brands, publishers, coupon sites, etc. – to drive growth in all areas of their business, from marketing and sales to business development.

Robert Glazer, CEO of Acceleration Partners and Todd Crawford, VP of Strategic Initiatives at Impact, talk through these new types of authentic, scalable partnerships and how they can have a positive impact on the bottom line. They also share real examples of how top brands have scaled outcome-based partnerships with a performance partnerships model.

They highlight:

  • Key trends that are directing brands to shift to the performance model
  • Strategies to grow marketing, sales and business development partners
  • Common pitfalls brands face in scaling their partnerships
  • Approaches for deploying large budgets to capture mid- and long-tail publisher partners
  • How real-time tracking, payments and contracts allow companies to manage many partnerships at scale

Watch this Webinar

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