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When content and SEO fell in love, it was a match made in marketing heaven. But as any long-term relationship can attest, it can be challenging to keep things fresh, relevant and interesting.

Merove Heifetz, Director of SEO & Strategy at Acceleration Partners and Brittni Kinney, Client Engagement Specialist at Influence & Co., discuss some external factors impacting this relationship (and potentially leading it astray) and share ideas for how digital marketers can help ensure a union that’s successful and in sync for years to come.

Watch our webinar to learn:

  • Tips for reinvigorating your content so that it attracts and engages your audience
  • Hot SEO techniques marketers are leveraging to share their content and make it irresistible to search engines
  • Things to avoid in your SEO + content relationship so that it doesn’t turn toxic

Presented By:


Merove Heifetz
Director of SEO & Digital Strategy
Acceleration Partners


BrittniHeadshot Brittni Kinney
Client Engagement Specialist
Influence & Co.