Developing a Successful Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

Many brands begin their marketing journey by running paid search and social campaigns. Both are highly valuable for establishing brand awareness and driving customer acquisition. As brands start to scale and want to continue growing efficiently, partner marketing can be a reliable and complementary channel to increase returns to brands-especially those that have laid a strong foundation via paid social and paid search.

Udayan Bose, CEO, NetElixir, and Sarah Johnson, Chief Client Officer, Acceleration Partners will discuss the nuances of each channel and expectations around performance. They also share strategies on how to diversify digital marketing, elevate name recognition and improve return on ad spend.

Some topics discussed are:

  • Why it’s important for brands to diversify their marketing channels
  • Nuances around paid search, paid social, and partner marketing
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when expanding your digital strategy
  • Tips and best practices for effective cross-channel marketing
  • Inspiration and examples from top brands

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