Need to improve your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)? Learn how to attract & retain high-value customers via Affiliate.
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Partner or affiliate marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing models, yet many marketing leaders still don’t “get” it.

Todd Crawford, Co-Founder & VP of Strategic Initiatives, Impact, and Robert Glazer, Founder & CEO, Acceleration Partners, will take a deep dive into the conversations you should be having to get buy-in from your boss and leadership team. They will also highlight marketing leaders successfully managing and influencing internal stakeholders.

This on-demand webinar will cover:

  • The expansion of affiliates into new types of value-added influencer, brand-to-brand and business development partnerships
  • Tactics to demonstrate the value of partner marketing to your boss, finance, business development, and social teams
  • Steps for developing a partner program that is sustainable and scalable