Need to improve your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)? Learn how to attract & retain high-value customers via Affiliate.
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With all of the buzz around influencer marketing, it can be difficult to know which strategies can elevate your influencer marketing campaigns.  Alison Chew, Director of Partners & Insights at Acceleration Partners and Sugee Kim, Director of SaaS Strategy & Account Management at Activate, will address key trends in influencer marketing and how you can leverage them to come out on top. They will offer tips for establishing long-term partnerships, leveraging new shoppable social media features and measuring the KPI’s that matter most.

This webinar will cover:

  • Latest trends in influencer marketing
  • What to look for when recruiting influencers: beyond reach numbers
  • The growing importance of micro-influencers
  • New KPIs and which ones matter
  • Case study of top brand leading in the space