May 15th 2018
The Points Guy on Affiliate Marketing, Partnerships & Maximizing Travel

The OutPerform Podcast

"The better relationship you have with your partners, the better your business will be."

Brian Kelly (The Points Guy).


On this episode of Outperform, we take a journey through affiliate marketing and travel with one of the largest credit card industry affiliate marketers, Brian Kelly – AKA, The Points Guy.

Brian is the founder and CEO of The Points Guy (TPG), the preeminent voice in the industry of credit card points, miles and everything travel-related. Brian launched TPG in 2010 during his time as a Wall Street road warrior, but developed his keen sense for maximizing travel experiences while minimizing spending much earlier at the age of 12.

Since then, Kelly has grown The Points Guy into a powerhouse affiliate marketing travel and lifestyle media platform. Through a team of global editors and freelancers, TPGs content includes flight and hotel reviews, curated travel guides, immersive video reviews, as well as global event activations.

Voted Forbes #1 travel influencer in 2017, Kelly is the industry leader, shaping the way consumers and brands approach travel. Today, TPG has a dedicated fan base, receiving 5.2 million unique monthly visitors and more than 2.2 million followers on social media.


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Show Notes

  • What inspired Brian to start The Points Guy (TPG) site and blog
  • The advice Brain's dad gave him about scaling TPG
  • Brian's eureka moment to start monetizing the TPG website
  • Why normal affiliate marketing techniques won't work with credit card companies
  • How much Brian made the first month he did affiliate marketing
  • How a NYT article helped Brian make over $100,000 month in revenue
  • At what point Brian quit his job to focus full-time on The Points Guy site
  • How Brian got started in the world of points at age 12
  • Why Brian is proud to call himself an affiliate
  • How large publishers like Lifehacker, Business Insider, etc. are working with The Points Guy through their partner program
  • Brian's take on FTC disclosures
  • The one and only time Brian took a comp trip and why he won't do it again
  • Advice Brian has for publishers just getting started in affiliate marketing
  • Why Brian decided to sell TPG to Bankrate
  • What Brian enjoys most about helping people maximize their travel
  • How travel breaks down cultural walls and barriers
  • What TPG is doing to support charities through Points for Peace
  • The work the TPG is doing to support Puerto Rico's rebuilding efforts
  • Brian's favorite country to travel to
  • Brian's go-to credit card for dining
  • What Brian uses when paying for air-fare
  • Brian's favorite hotel loyalty platform
  • Brian's first choice for coach, business and first-class travel
  • Biggest professional mistake that Brian's learned the most from
  • A big initiative TPG is rolling out that will help people maximize travel points even more


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