June 20th 2018
Robert Glazer Ranked #2 on Glassdoor's Highest-Rated CEOs List


"The most effective leaders work to 1) open-mindedly seek out the best answers and 2) bring others along as part of that discovery process."

This is how Ray Dalio describes truly great leaders in his acclaimed book Principles. It's also how most would describe Robert Glazer and how he's led Acceleration Partners (AP) since founding it over ten years ago.

Bob's principled, purposeful and passionate leadership style is why he's so admired and revered among present and past AP employees, industry leaders and fellow CEOs and entrepreneurs.

It's also why we are EXTREMELY excited to announce that Bob has been named to Glassdoor's Top CEO of Small and Medium Companies in the US list. In fact, out of the 50 CEOs that made this highly competitive list, Bob ranked #2, with an impressive Glassdoor rating of 99%!

As you'll see from the video above, this recognition is very well-deserved.

Bob has always been a visionary, a solver of big problems, an innovator, an outside-the-box thinker and a status-quo challenger. He's also deeply committed to building capacity in himself and others, bringing out the best in people, helping them find their purpose and live their best life.

This is reflected in the themes he writes about in his weekly Friday Forward posts and in his Forbes and Inc. columns; the topics he discusses with other inspiring leaders on our Outperform podcast; and how he helped make 10 dreams of AP team members come true at our AP Summit in celebration of the company's 10-year anniversary.

It's also why Bob established AP as a 100% remote work environment.

In addition to ensuring that his company would have strong core values and provide best-in-the-industry services, he also wanted to build a company that offered people flexibility in their work-life so that they'd have the time to pursue fulfilling experiences outside of work; what he refers to as work-life integration.

And he's accomplished that.

Led by Bob's vivid vision, persistence and performance-focused mindset, Acceleration Partners is now the leading global performance marketing agency, with over 100 employees around the world, all of who work remotely from home.

What's more is that, in the past few years, Acceleration Partners has received many notable awards for our services and our culture, including ranking #4 on Glassdoor's Best Place to Work list.

While there are many incredible AP team members who contribute every day to making Acceleration Partners an award-winning workplace, the charge is led by Bob who says, "I have high expectations and I know you can meet them."

Here are a few things AP Employees love about Bob's leadership and working at Acceleration Partners:

"AP has a positive and collaborative work environment. Leadership is transparent and trusts their employees. There is a great amount of flexibility and great work-life balance."

"AP is growing exponentially and there's a lot of opportunity for advancement and growth within positions. You're encouraged to challenge yourself daily and be uncomfortable at times, knowing these challenges are helping you excel. I've discovered a passion that I didn't know I had and would not have been given the opportunity to discover if it had not been for my position at AP.

"Transparent leadership, strong work/life integration, trustworthy community who care about your career growth."

"Acceleration Partners is led by an honest and transparent leadership team, held together by awesome and amazingly talented people, and offers a flexible as well as an empowering work environment."

It is truly an honor to work with a leader whose vision is to not only encourage and inspire the digital marketing industry to be performance-based, but who also wants to change the work-life paradigm so employees can feel fulfilled both inside and outside of work.

Congratulations to all the winners of this incredibly meaningful award!

About Glassdoor's Employees' Choice Awards for the Top CEOs in 2018

Glassdoor's Highest Rated CEOs list is released annually as part of their Employees' Choice Awards. This list is unique in that winners are determined based on feedback employees voluntarily and anonymously share in Glassdoor reviews. Among the 770,000 companies reviewed on Glassdoor, the average CEO approval rating is 69 percent.

CEO approval ratings are gathered through Glassdoor's online company review survey, which collects current and former employee sentiment about job and company satisfaction, the work environment and the culture. Employees are asked to rate a number of workplace factors like compensation and benefits as well as work-life balance, and asked whether they approve, disapprove or are neutral about the job their CEO is doing. In addition, employees are asked to describe some of the upsides and downsides of working for the company and provide any advice for senior management.

Check out the complete list of the Employees' Choice Awards for the Top CEOs in 2018 for U.S. SMB companies.

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Author: Lenox Powell