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On this quarter’s Publisher Spotlight episode, Cassandra Scarbeck and Vikki Danielson, managers on the Publisher Development team here at Acceleration Partners, take a deep dive into performance partners who help companies drive high-value leads on a Cost Per Action (CPA) basis.

Cassandra Scarbeck joined Acceleration Partners in June of 2016, managing affiliate programs for some of AP’s largest clients before transitioning onto the Publisher Development team. Prior to AP, she worked on the affiliate network side of the industry supporting a number of affiliate programs.

Vikki Danielson has worked within digital marketing for the past 15 years, holding various roles at affiliate networks and demand generation platforms as well as managing SEO, display and social channels for B2B and B2C brands. She even worked as a publisher writing online dating profiles, a venture that helped her understand the inner workings of how to monetize a website and navigate the nuances of the different tracking platforms and technologies available to publishers.

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Show Notes

  • What lead generation means in the world of affiliate marketing.
  • How lead gen/CPA partners differ from those paid on a sale, a flat fee or revenue share.
  • Benefits of adding CPA publisher partners to an affiliate program.
  • What brands need to do before launching a lead generation program within their affiliate channel.
  • Types of information advertisers can expect to receive from lead gen partners.
  • How advertisers can apply that information to their affiliate program strategy.
  • Some challenges working with lead generation/CPA partners.
  • Different types of lead generation partners.
  • CPA partners who can help advertisers drive leads AND sales.
  • Things to look for when vetting lead generation partners.
  • The key to success when working with partners on a cost per acquisition basis in affiliate marketing.

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Case Study: How a B2B Company used lead generation partners in their affiliate program to drive high-value leads.



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