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On this special Outperform episode, two members of our dynamic Publisher Development team, Alison Chew and Cassandra Scarbeck, discuss card-linked offers (CLOs) and spotlight a few CLO performance partners that they are excited about.

Tune in to this special episode to learn about what CLOs are, how merchants are working with them and how they are adding incremental value to merchants’ affiliate marketing programs.

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Show Notes

  • What card-linked offers (CLOs) are and what they do
  • Why CLOs are an exciting partnership opportunity for merchants
  • How specific companies are using card-linked offers and digital coupons
  • Benefits that card-linked partners offer retailers
  • How card-linked offers benefit consumers
  • Some challenges to consider when partnering with card-linked partners
  • 3 specific card-linked partners, why our publisher team is so excited about them and how they are adding incremental value to merchants

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