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What is the Capacity Experience Paradox? Why is it so critical to the success and growth rate of your business? And why is hiring someone who is “experienced” not always the wisest thing to do?

These important questions are what AP founder and Managing Director, Bob Glazer and General Manager, Matt Wool, tackle on this special “Truth, Transparency and ‘Tails” episode of Outperform.

Listen to the episode here:

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Show Notes

Tune in to discover:

  • How Bob came up with the Capacity Experience Paradox
  • Why this paradox is so important for a growth company
  • The job of a great manager
  • How the hiring process can help solve/resolve this paradox
  • The hard choices that need to be made with the Capacity Experience Paradox
  • The hiring pitfall that many growth companies fall in to
  • What companies can and should do instead
  • What AP has done that’s helped their success rate with employees and as a company
  • When you should bring in an “experienced” hire from outside the organization and when you shouldn’t
  • How to have the Capacity Experience Paradox conversation within your company

Links from the Episode

Capacity Experience Paradox video

Why Hiring For Experience Often Isn’t The Right Choice by Robert Glazer via Forbes


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