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On this episode AP’s Director of Talent and Culture, Emily Tetto discusses AP’s philosophy for hiring for day one and then promoting when ready.

This short and sweet podcast (it’s only about 8 minutes and 45 seconds in length) is helpful for:

  • Our existing and prospective clients. Emily shares insights into who we hire to manage their program, how we do it and our approach to making sure that our team members are in the right seat at the right time.Before we bring on an account manager to oversee a program, we ensure they have the experience and know-how to properly manage a performance-based program. If they don’t, but have strong digital marketing skill sets, we train them before placing them in an account management role.
  • Potential AP team members. As the performance marketing industry continues to grow, the demand for quality account managers who have a broad understanding of the industry and experience in several channels is also growing.This is why one of our biggest initiatives at AP is focused on hiring smart people who have a varied digital marketing background and train them comprehensively in affiliate marketing for three to six months.

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Show Notes:

  • What we mean by hiring for day one and promoting when ready
  • How this approach/philosophy differs from what companies typically do
  • Why companies should consider taking this approach to their hiring and promoting
  • How this approach benefits both AP clients and our team members

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