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Joey Coleman, our guest on this episode of Outperform, specializes in helping companies create unique, attention-grabbing customer experiences so that they stay with a company long after the sale.

He is the founder and Chief Experience Composer of Design Symphony and recently published his first book, Never Lose a Customer Again. His bestselling book explains how to create a customer experience that will generate an army of raving fans who will stay with you for years to come and tell everyone great things about your company along the way.

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Show Notes

  • How Joey came up with the name “Chief Experience Composer” for his title
  • Joey’s eclectic background and how he went from practicing law with his dad to starting Design Symphony to public speaking to helping companies create remarkable, positive customer experiences
  • What Joey spends most of his time doing today
  • Where Joey’s idea for his First 100 Days program came from
  • The realization Joey had that led him on a multi-year journey to look at customer retention and help companies improve their first 100 days with a customer
  • Percentage of companies who will decide to stop doing business with you in the first 100 days
  • A restaurant that 46% of customers never return to
  • Why the first 100 days are so critical to the long-term success of a company
  • Why incentives to sales teams are misaligned with customer retention
  • What customers are “dying for” from company reps they work with
  • How to use reciprocity in client interactions
  • How Joey learned about Acceleration Partners and why he decided to feature our company in his book
  • Notable things other companies are doing for clients within the first 100 days
  • What companies should do at the beginning, middle and end of the first 100 days after a client comes on board
  • Something that Joey was expected to do while working in the White House that surprised him and stayed with him as a valuable customer relationship strategy
  • How the best companies should commission their sales teams and account managers to encourage customer retention
  • A recent mistake that Joey’s made that he’s learned a lot from


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Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days by Joey Coleman

Email: helpmejoey@joeycoleman.com


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