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Most companies know what Influencer Marketing is, but they don’t know how to cost-effectively get important bottom-of-funnel metrics from their influencer campaigns, such as engagement, click through rate, or impressions.

On this Outperform episode, Alison Chew, Acceleration Partners’ Director of Partners & Innovation, will explain how brands can access these important KPIs and get a better understanding for how their influencer campaigns are performing.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What we mean when we refer to “influencers” and “affiliates”
  • The definition of a micro-influencer is and how they are similar to and different from content affiliates
  • How most brands currently track and measure the “performance” of their influencer campaigns and why that approach is time-consuming, inefficient and produces limited results
  • Why leading brands are starting to connect their influencer marketing with their affiliate marketing and what that looks like
  • What it means to pay influencers on a “performance plus” basis

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Show Notes

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