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On this Outperform podcast episode we chat with Mike Filbey, co-founder of ButcherBox, about how they’ve grown the company to over $30 million in just over two years marrying pay-for-performance with influencer marketing.

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Show Notes

Tune in to this episode to hear:

  • What ButcherBox is/does
  • The inspiration for this business model
  • ButcherBox’s marketing structure and why they decided to set it up this way
  • The different marketing tactics that they tried and why they settled on their current model
  • The types of influencers ButcherBox partners with for their marketing campaigns
  • How ButcherBox tracks and measures the success of their pay-for-performance influencer marketing campaigns
  • The unique way ButcherBox compensates their influencer partners
  • Percentage of customers (to date) that have been acquired from ButcherBox’s marketing strategy
  • How ButcherBox finds and recruits their influencer partners and ensures that they are brand-aligned
  • Challenges that they’ve faced finding and partnering with influencers on a pay-for-performance basis
  • Advice from Mike on how establish and grow your business with performance partners.

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