Learning About Acceleration Partners’ Affiliate Academy

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On this Outperform podcast episode, we take a deep-dive into what it’s like to go through AP’s Affiliate Academy.

Angela Hughes, AP’s Associate Director of Affiliate Training & Quality and Amelia Glynn, our very first Affiliate Academy graduate, share what it’s like to actually go through the program, how to get the most out of it and why someone with account management in the digital marketing world should consider it.


Show Notes

Tune in to learn:

  • How Amelia learned about AP’s Affiliate Academy and why she decided to apply, even when she had a successful digital marketing career
  • Why the Affiliate Academy was created and who it’s primarily designed for
  • What it’s like going through Affiliate Academy
  • What surprised both Angela and Amelia going through the first Affiliate Academy cohort (as instructor and student)
  • What Angela and Amelia enjoyed the most about going through Affiliate Academy
  • What they found to be most challenging about the Affiliate Academy
  • How the Affiliate Academy prepared Amelia to become an AP affiliate program manager
  • What advice Angela and Amelia would give to a digital marketing manager who might be considering AP’s Affiliate Academy


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