Visionary vs Integrator Leadership at Acceleration Partners

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Are you a “Visionary” or an “Integrator”? What’s the difference?

In this special Outperform podcast episode (which we’re calling “Truth, Transparency, and ‘Tails”) Bob Glazer (AP’s founder and managing director) and Matt Wool (general manager) answer these very questions – while sippin’ a cocktail.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why roles of Visionary and Integrator are essential to an organization’s success – no matter the size
  • What Bob and Matt are drinking
  • Why these roles often have tension/ are at odds with one another
  • Challenges companies face when they either only have a Visionary or only have an Integrator.
  • Who’s Sonny and who’s Cher at AP


Links from the Episode

Episode Transcription

(These special “Truth, Transparency, and ‘Tails” episodes give you a peek under the AP kimono. On them, AP’s fearless leaders, Bob Glazer and Matt Wool, tackle tough business topics – so of course there’s a cocktail involved – and why we’re referring to these episodes as “Truth, Transparency and ‘Tails.” Cheers!)

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