How Your Marketing Role Can Influence Your Affiliate Agency Partnership

The key to communication is knowing how to communicate.

This may sound like common sense, but often, this is exactly where communication breaks down.

Effective communication is a critical component of any type of partnership, but especially for those operating in the world of affiliate marketing where multiple partners, processes and performance elements are involved.

With so many moving parts (and targets, in many cases), it’s essential for the team managing a brand’s affiliate program to understand their client contact’s role, needs, communication preferences and expectations.

Although there are numerous types of brands with affiliate marketing programs, the individuals interfacing with an affiliate program management agency tend to fall into three types of roles.

Understanding what they are – and even identifying which role you tend to fall into within your own organization – can help ensure you get the most out of your affiliate agency and the team directly managing your program.

Acceleration Partners

The key to an effective affiliate partnership is to know and understand the role of the client contact prior to just sending off emails, spreadsheets, reports and other documents.

By understanding the roles these clients are in, along with the types of information they prefer to receive and how, it becomes much easier to support your clients in the way that’s most useful to them.

To learn more about these three role categories and why it’s so important to understand which one you fall into, check out our Outperform podcast episode.